Invoking Rest Services in .NET Web API From Xcode Objective-C

This is probably one of the hardest tasks I’ve ever been assigned. It’s simple enough for me to go online and find a Web Service that has its own documentation for iOS, and use it in my apps. The web API I’m trying to communicate with however, has no documentation and requires me to start […]

Creating an HTTP “POST” Request to a .NET Web API in Objective-C

Lately I’ve been working on my next app: AppointmentReminder. This app uses token authentication to allow users to log in and out of the server. These services are written in C#, but my job is to communicate to the server via Xcode. The first task is simple: Log in via Xcode using the “POST” request, […]

Classes in Objective-C

Over the past month, I’ve been revisiting some Objective-C books to get a greater grasp of the programming language. Looking over my past apps, it appears that I’m using the appropriate code, but it looks quite sloppy. My goal in the future is to make my apps have clean and efficient code. So for today’s […]

Struggles With My ScanBar App

It’s happened to me before, and it’s probably happened to all of you at least more than once in your programming life. Have you ever finished and tested your app, and everything is checking out perfectly? However the next day you wake up to see your code simply not working. This has happened to me […]

Published My “ScanBar” App to The App Store (basic version)

For the past month or so, I have been working on my “ScanBar” app. This app allows the user to scan any grocery item they see while shopping for groceries. They simply point the camera to the Bar Code, and then the app sends a call to the “Nutritionix” Web Service. I then get back […]

Finished My Community Center App

I have finished creating my Community Service App. Due to the face I was on a self-imposed time constraint, I had to do what I had to do to get pieces of my app to work. For instance, on github I found a person who created a Youtube Parser. His code took youtube video links, […]

Creating a Community Center Fundraising App

At my local community center, our local leaders ask for money to help them out so they can provide more for the community. In my opinion, the way they ask for donations is very impractical and inefficient. They probably asked for donations the SAME WAY back in the 1970′s. We have to be aware that […]

Published “FindItHere” to the iTunes iPhone App Store

Well, I have finally completed the first version of my app. It took a good month, coding 8 hours a day, but I have finally completed it. Looking back, I’m proud of my work, but I see huge room for improvement. There are tons of ideas and concepts I have in store for the app, […]

FindItHere #4

I have finally solved that “bug” where I thought I needed 2 API keys for 2 separate services. It appears as though when I was referencing the URL in my code, I had one minor syntax error. I had to add an “&” symbol in the URL to make the API key work as follows: […]

A Day In The Life Of Me

Hi, my name is Faisal Syed. I’m a 16 year old attending Irvine High School as a junior this fall. If you currently read my blog, you know I’m an avid coder who writes iOS apps, but you might not know what my day-to-day life is like working for my dad- the boss. For now, […]