Teen programming iOS applications


Published My “ScanBar” App to The App Store (basic version)

For the past month or so, I have been working on my “ScanBar” app. This app allows the user to scan any grocery item they see while shopping for groceries. They simply point the camera to the Bar Code, and then the app sends a call to the “Nutritionix” Web Service. I then get back […]

Finished My Community Center App

I have finished creating my Community Service App. Due to the face I was on a self-imposed time constraint, I had to do what I had to do to get pieces of my app to work. For instance, on github I found a person who created a Youtube Parser. His code took youtube video links, […]

Creating a Community Center Fundraising App

At my local community center, our local leaders ask for money to help them out so they can provide more for the community. In my opinion, the way they ask for donations is very impractical and inefficient. They probably asked for donations the SAME WAY back in the 1970′s. We have to be aware that […]

Published “FindItHere” to the iTunes iPhone App Store

Well, I have finally completed the first version of my app. It took a good month, coding 8 hours a day, but I have finally completed it. Looking back, I’m proud of my work, but I see huge room for improvement. There are tons of ideas and concepts I have in store for the app, […]

FindItHere #4

I have finally solved that “bug” where I thought I needed 2 API keys for 2 separate services. It appears as though when I was referencing the URL in my code, I had one minor syntax error. I had to add an “&” symbol in the URL to make the API key work as follows: […]

A Day In The Life Of Me

Hi, my name is Faisal Syed. I’m a 16 year old attending Irvine High School as a junior this fall. If you currently read my blog, you know I’m an avid coder who writes iOS apps, but you might not know what my day-to-day life is like working for my dad- the boss. For now, […]

FindItHere #3

So I’m back with another update on how my app “FindItHere” is going. Lately, I’ve been dealing with some pretty heavy duty stuff. First off, I was struggling with getting properties of “annotation” object. See I what I was striving for was a way to get all the details of the specific place which a […]

FindItHere #2

Today was a decently progress-filled day. I was able to add an activity Indicator as a subview to my MapView, thereby notifying ┬áthe user that the app is searching for places near them. This is something that I failed to do in my previous app, but I can now get working currently in this app. […]

Creating a “FindItHere” App

For a while I have been working on an app that allows the user to find useful places near them. This app has a table view with a bunch of places listed on it, and if you tap a cell you will be directed you a Map View, which plots pins on areas of that […]

Released My “Best Price Finder” App Using Xcode 5

This has to be without a doubt the app that I am most proud of. I have combined all my past skills including Core data, JSON, Web Service Calls, and much more into the development of this app. With every app, I came across problems that took a lot of time to resolve. For one […]