When I got around to the topic of multithreading, I was in the mental state that I was only learning this because I had to. It never occurred to me that I would soon have to take a step back and really understand what the heck I was doing. At the time, I was working […]

Core Location Services

Core Location provides facilities for the device to determine and report its location (location services). It takes advantage of three sensors: Wi-Fi The device (if Wi-Fi is turned on) may scan for nearby Wi-Fi devices and compare these against an online database. Cell The device (if it has cell capabilities) may compare nearby telephone cell […]

Calendars in iOS

The calendar database is retrieved as an instance of the EKEventStore class. This is expensive to obtain but quite easy to use, so your usual strategy, in an app where you’ll be working with the user’s calendar database, will be to instantiate EKEventStore (by calling [EKEventStore new]) early in the life of the app or of […]

Using Photos From A User’s Photo Library

m4s0n501 You know when you’re in an app, and you select a button to set your profile picture? Then this button pops open a library full of photos for you to choose from? In Xcode, we have the opportunity of doing such a task using a UIImagePickerController.   To let the user choose an item […]


We use them a lot in Xcode. Whether it be a UITableView, UITabBarView, or just a regular UIView, views are created so that we can build fully functioning apps. What’s interesting in Xcode is the fact that we can use Viewception. That’s right. A view in a view in a view in a view. We […]

Navigating Through Xcode

The Project navigator If you know something about the name of a file, you can find it quickly in the Project navigator (Command-1) by typing into the search field in the filter bar at the bottom of the navigator (Edit → Filter → Filter in Navigator, Command-Option-J). For example, type xib to see just your nib files. […]

My Interview At My Local High School

    Here is the text of the article:   At 12, junior Faisal Syed began creating IPhone applications. His first app was released his sophomore year of high school. Since then, Syed has released nine in the Apple App Store for a total of 1,390 downloads. His most recent one, “ScanBar,” was released Oct. 19 and […]

Web Views

In the most simplest of english definitions, a web view is a subclass of UIView which enables you to read HTML text format within iOS. There is often more than one way to load a given piece of content. For instance, one of Apple’s own examples suggests that you display a PDF file in your […]


According to the iOS Developer Library, “The UIPickerView class implements objects, called picker views, that use a spinning-wheel or slot-machine metaphor to show one or more sets of values. Users select values by rotating the wheels so that the desired row of values aligns with a selection indicator.” To Get The Dimensions of the Picker View:   […]


If your app has a table view, it NEEDS  a UISearchBar. It’s the most effective way for a user to search for a specific item. A UISearchBar is basically a wrapper for a text field; it has a text field as one of its subviews, though there is no official access to it.   It is […]