New WatchKit App: MyCurrencyConversion

In order to regain my confidence in developing WatchKit applications, I decided it was time to code a simple currency converter application for the WatchKit and other iOS devices. In spite of my recent failures with WatchKit apps, I knew that I had to pursue this technology if I wanted to advance to higher level […]

New iPhone/Watchkit App: RunTracker

Known for making many health based apps, I’ve returned yet again to push another lifestyle-app into the iTunes Store. This app has taken a total of 2 days to develop for the iPhone, and I am currently working on transferring it to WatchKit as well. This app has many features which I shall break down: […]

Objective-C vs. Swift

Over the course of the past month, I have been attempting to learn swift to make my WatchKit development ventures a bit easier. Throughout this period, I have come across many nuances with the Swift language that make it a bit annoying to code with, but at the same time make it the easy language […]

Using Parse in iOS to Build My SnappApp

So as you all know, I am currently building a picture/sms sharing app using the parse sdk. This software allows me to create users and register them through there, and allows me to read/write code through their service. Using parse has been very tricky, but over the past few weeks I have been starting to […]

Push Notifications in Xcode 6 using Parse

As far as the functionality of what a Push notification is capable of, here are some examples: Display a short text message Play a brief sound Set a number in a badge on the app’s icon   According to the apple developer web site:   “Local and push notifications are great for keeping users informed […]

Complications Publishing My WachtKit App to the iTunes Store

I go about my usual business when pushing out an app- final tests on the simulator, creating the provisioning profiles, App Id, the whole enchilada. The first time I tried to publish my WatchKit app, I got a binary error saying that Apple couldn’t take my binary due to my App Icons containing “Alpha” and […]

How I Learned to Pass Data Between Views in Watchkit

Unlike the standard way of passing data in the voidPrepareForSegue method we use for iPhone, Watchkit forces the developer to use an alternate method of doing the task.   Originally, you would create an instance of your next view controller in your voidPrepareForSegue. After creating this instance and casting it to a segue.DestinationViewController, you would […]

Experiences Creating a Watchkit iOS App

One of the biggest hurtles i dealt with when developing my watch kit app was attempting to incorporate a third party framework into my app. No matter how many times I attempted to reference any .h files from said framework, none of the files in my project would recognize it. This issue persisted for five […]

Table Views for WatchKit in Xcode 6.2+

Instead of the traditional Table View Controllers that we use for most iOS devices, WatchKit forces the developer to learn the Row Controller. According to Apple, this is how you configure your row controller: A row controller is a template for displaying a single row of data in your table. When you add a table […]

WatchKit Integration in Xcode 6.2 +

With Apple’s release of WatchKit this past year, iOS developers from across the globe are configuring their projects/developing new ones for the iWatch. Giving the limited screen size, the process for this can be quite strenuous, however the main concern of most programmers is integrating the WatchKit into their project. According to Apple, you must […]